2018 Roster

Player Profiles

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Team Roster


Last name First name Position Experience Number
Mayne Chris Quarterback 6 11
Littlejohn John Wide Receiver 10
Mclennan Daniel Runningback 18
Patterson Joe Runningback 29
Daly Simon Runningback 24
Freeman Adam Runningback 48
Evison Ged Offensive Line 38
Schuttenbeld Rick Offensive Line
Gould Ryan Offensive Line 64
Head James Offensive Line 66
Cumpsty Tom Offensive Line 67
Boydell Daniel Offensive Line 69
France Ben Offensive Line 73
Morrow Andy Offensive Line 75
Taylor Liam Offensive Line 76
Zorab Mike Offensive Line 78
Parker Gareth Tightend 3
Smith Paul Wide Receiver 13
Horrobin Adam Wide Receiver 42
Nicholls Dave Wide Receiver 80
Banks Aiden Wide Receiver 83
Feather Dion Wide Receiver 87
Baldwin Mark Wide Receiver 90


Eaton Rian Defensive Line 32
Blakey Paul Defensive Line 8 71
Plant Tom Defensive Line 72
Callejon Gregory Defensive Line 74
Stewart Drew Defensive Line 77
Smith Tom Defensive Line 79
Rawsthorne James Linebacker 23
Mason Steve Linebacker 52
Bainbridge Rob Linebacker 53
Edlin Jake Linebacker 54
Clarkson Bryan Linebacker 88
Newton Adam Linebacker 93
Gilmour Nick Defensive Back 5
Berrington Matthew Defensive Back 9
Burns Matthew Defensive Back 21
Mawson James Defensive Back 27
Stone Michael Defensive Back 28
Ashworth James Defensive Back 31
Browning Alan Defensive Back 43
Johnston Gareth Defensive Back 45
Aldred Chris Defensive Back 49
Beaver Dan Defensive Back 84

Coaching Staff

Fairhurst Scud Head Coach 10
Waite Jim Defensive Coordinator 10
Western Michael Special Teams Coordinator 10